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All types of linear bearing are supplied with shaft diameters from 6mm to 50mm with specification for European and Japanese measuring. Standard product types include closed type, clearance adjustable type, open type, lengthened type, flange type, and customised design.

These ball bushings are ideally used in precision equipments; computer and peripheral equipments, measuring equipments, auto recording equipments, and 3D measuring equipments, and linear motion systems in machines for mass production; multi-axis drilling machines, punching press, tool grinders, auto-gas cutters, printing machines, card selectors, food packing machines, etc.

WON linear ball bushing (LM type) is the linear motion system with unlimited stroke by applying with LM shaft. Because of the point of contact between balls and LM shaft, minimum friction can be acquired thus giving the high precision motion.

Our linear ball bushings are used in areas of general and special mechanical engineering and in a large number of specialist applications. These linear ball bushings and the accompanying shafts can be combined in any number or variation to match the desired task or application in question. We can help you to configure the right solution that meets your needs and requirements.

Linear ball bushings are available in sizes from 5mm to 60mm diameter. Our wide product selection of open, closed, adjustable (slotted) and flanged linear ball bushings ensures that you will find the right solution for every application

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